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Data last verified: Monday, 02/05/2024

1Ocean-bound plastic

Plastic Bank operates under the global standard defined by Jenna Jambeck. Ocean-bound plastic is defined as plastic that has not yet found its way into the ocean but is classified as "mismanaged waste". That is, plastic that is not being (formally) collected, is not likely to be collected, and is found within 50km of an ocean-bound waterway or coastal area.

2Community Members

Individuals within a recycling community who collect plastic and exchange it at a Plastic Bank collection branch for secure income and life-improving benefits.

3Equivalent Bottles Stopped

The amount of ocean-bound plastic collected and recycled in our recycling communities converted into bottles. Conversion rate is 50 bottles per kg (the average weight of a 500mL bottle is ~20g)

4Recycling Communities

Community of plastic collectors living within 50 kilometres of ocean-bound waterways involved in plastic collection and its exchange at Plastic Bank collection points.


Alchemy is the blockchain platform that powers the Plastic Bank app. It enables fully traceable recycling processes, secures income for recycling community members and tailors impact reports for our stewards.

Plastic Bank’s Partnership with ClimatePartner

Plastic Bank Collaborates With Climatepartner To Protect Our Planet

ClimatePartner supports companies in climate action: With a solution combining software and consulting, ClimatePartner supports their clients in making a contribution to climate action and anchoring it in their strategy. Companies calculate carbon footprints for them or their products, set reduction targets, implement reductions, finance climate projects, and are supported by ClimatePartner through the communication of their climate action commitment.

ClimatePartner has collaborated with Plastic Bank to provide an option for their customers to help finance a climate project, while also helping to protect our oceans. For every tonne of CO2 saved through the contribution via a certified climate project, 10 kilograms of plastic will be collected and recycled in vulnerable coastal areas. This intercepts plastic before it enters the sea and protects sensitive marine ecosystems. Collection communities in Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia, and the Philippines collect ocean-bound plastic and then exchange it for life-improving benefits including health insurance, school supplies, meal vouchers, and more. In this way, the partnership with ClimatePartner contributes to ocean protection and provides a path out of poverty for collection members.

Partnering for Impact

This partnership helps protect our environment for future generations. In collaboration with Plastic Bank, ClimatePartner offers the opportunity for their customers to make an additional impact by funding the collection of ocean-bound plastic. Since the partnership began in 2019, it has resulted in the collection and recycling of over 3 million kilograms of plastic, equivalent to over 150 million plastic bottles. 

Plastic Bank Member collector in Collection Point posing with pile of plastic