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1Ocean-bound plastic

Plastic Bank operates under the global standard defined by Jenna Jambeck. Ocean-bound plastic is defined as plastic that has not yet found its way into the ocean but is classified as "mismanaged waste". That is, plastic that is not being (formally) collected, is not likely to be collected, and is found within 50km of an ocean-bound waterway or coastal area.

2Community Members

Individuals within a recycling community who collect plastic and exchange it at a Plastic Bank collection branch for secure income and life-improving benefits.

3Equivalent Bottles Stopped

The amount of ocean-bound plastic collected and recycled in our recycling communities converted into bottles. Conversion rate is 50 bottles per kg (the average weight of a 500mL bottle is ~20g)

4Recycling Communities

Community of plastic collectors living within 50 kilometres of ocean-bound waterways involved in plastic collection and its exchange at Plastic Bank collection points.


Alchemy is the blockchain platform that powers the Plastic Bank app. It enables fully traceable recycling processes, secures income for recycling community members and tailors impact reports for our stewards.

About Plastic Bank – Committed to Sustainability Goals

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Plastic waste

One Garbage Truck Full of Plastic enters the Ocean Every Minute

While plastic in many forms can improve and simplify our lives, we have also become used to it, irreplaceably. It’s easy to buy, cheap to use, and convenient to throw away. As we continue to create more plastic waste, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Plastic waste
Plastic Bank community members collecting plastic waste

You Can Stop Plastic Waste Before it Reaches Our Ocean

You can contribute to achieving sustainability goals by stopping plastic waste before it reaches our ocean. By partnering with Plastic Bank, you are enabling plastic collection within 50 kilometers of ocean-bound waterways and coastlines. Our communities gather plastic waste directly from local beaches, riverbanks, neighbourhoods, and even households – so we are able stop ocean plastic directly at source.

Weighing waste at Plastic Bank collection branch

Let’s Turn Plastic Waste Into Worth

Together, we are revealing value in plastic waste and improving lives. Our members exchange plastic waste as currency at local Plastic Bank branches for bonuses that help provide basic family necessities, such as groceries, cooking fuel, school tuition, health insurance, digital connectivity, and fintech services. By offering safe, secure, and traceable sources of income, we’re empowering communities in vulnerable areas with a path out of poverty.

Weighing waste at Plastic Bank collection branch
Plastic Bankers at Brazil collection branch
Plastic Bankers at Brazil collection branch

Together for a Better World to Achieve Sustainability Goals

With Plastic Bank, the world’s most progressive companies and individuals are stewarding the collection of ocean-bound plastic and empowering collection communities to thrive. The recycled plastic is reborn as Social Plastic® feedstock and used in the production of products and packaging – thus helping create new life for old plastic.

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How We Ensure Traceability to Achieve Sustainability Goals

Our proprietary blockchain-secured platform records every transaction and gives traceability to your impact — all uniquely assigned to your business.

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Plastic Bank is globally recognized as a thought leader, advocate, and innovator in plastic recycling and is committed to achieving its sustainability goals.

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