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Data last verified: Monday, 02/05/2024

1Ocean-bound plastic

Plastic Bank operates under the global standard defined by Jenna Jambeck. Ocean-bound plastic is defined as plastic that has not yet found its way into the ocean but is classified as "mismanaged waste". That is, plastic that is not being (formally) collected, is not likely to be collected, and is found within 50km of an ocean-bound waterway or coastal area.

2Community Members

Individuals within a recycling community who collect plastic and exchange it at a Plastic Bank collection branch for secure income and life-improving benefits.

3Equivalent Bottles Stopped

The amount of ocean-bound plastic collected and recycled in our recycling communities converted into bottles. Conversion rate is 50 bottles per kg (the average weight of a 500mL bottle is ~20g)

4Recycling Communities

Community of plastic collectors living within 50 kilometres of ocean-bound waterways involved in plastic collection and its exchange at Plastic Bank collection points.


Alchemy is the blockchain platform that powers the Plastic Bank app. It enables fully traceable recycling processes, secures income for recycling community members and tailors impact reports for our stewards.

Plastic Bank’s Partnership with Horus Pharma

Plastic Bank collaborates with Horus Pharma to stop ocean plastic while improving lives

CSR has played an important role in Horus Pharma’s culture and DNA right from the Company’s founding in 2003. Over the years since then our increasing awareness of the impact our activities can have on the environment have led to numerous initiatives. The creation of the Eco’ Ophtalmo programme plus Horus Pharma’s daily investment has anchored ecology in our culture and long-term strategic development.


The laboratory commitment involves constantly investigating new solutions, innovations and partnerships responding to the current ecological challenge. Reducing its environmental footprint plus pooling and sharing initiatives allows supporting ecological practices. Our main objective is to enable us to work and act together to reduce the environmental footprint and raise awareness among ophthalmologists in their medical practices.


Horus Pharma  Eco’ Ophtalmo ambitious projects includes major initiatives implemented in 2022: achieving net zero plastic for more than a dozen products sold thanks to our partnership with Plastic Bank that is an environmental and social commitment and developing recyclable packaging for its products.

Making Immediate Impact in Partnership with Plastic Bank 

Environmental impact: Horus Pharma committed to recycle nearly 100 tons of plastic before it reaches the ocean with Plastic Bank, which is the equivalent of nearly 5 million plastic bottles.

Social impact: The partnership is also helping collection community members in vulnerable coastal areas to earn a secure income and access social benefits.

Traceability of actions: The blockchain technology provides a transparent approach that guarantees the right use of money, objects, services.


Plastic Bank collection member collecting plastic bottles by the beach in Brazil